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GOT BAG aims to contribute to the cleaning up of the oceans from plastic waste. Therefore, the clean-up program in Java collects plastic in all forms and types, not just easily recyclable parts such as PET bottles.

The clean-up program involves fishermen, collectors and allied organizations who actively collect plastic from the sea, mangrove areas and coastal areas, including delta areas with rivers and waters. GOT BAG also takes preventative action against the improper disposal of plastic waste, which threatens the ocean in the long term, by giving local people a direct opportunity to recycle.

This creates tangible value: beaches become cleaner, waste becomes a valuable resource, collectors earn income, and the environmental awareness of all involved changes for the better.

Last but not least, GOT BAG is in close contact with the local authorities, who support their work and jointly look for long-term solutions for waste reduction and disposal. → Most importantly, GOT BAG demonstrates a way for companies to produce high quality products with recycled materials and contribute to improving our environmental situation. It is a beginning that will hopefully contribute to political and social change and inspire many consumers to participate. To achieve this shift in thinking, we need many stakeholders, including policymakers, legislators, NGOs and many individuals who are aware of the challenge and want to take action against plastic pollution.